Hiking & Packrafting Adventures

Listen to seagulls and waves in Finland

Today, I went with the car to Ruissalo in Turku and recorded the seagulls which recently returned to Finland. The weather was somehow mixed but there was more sun than clouds. Have a look here if you want to know more about my audio gear.

Ruissalo, Turku seagulls wave sea audio sound

Sony A7III SD Card Speed Test - UHS-I vs. UHS-II

Today, I have tested the speed of my SD cards together with my Sony A7III. I have tested the Sony SF-G64 300MB in Slot 1 while I have tested the SanDisk Extrem Pro MicroSD 80MB and SanDisk Extrem Pro 32 GB 95MB in Slot 2.

Clearly, the Sony SF-G64 in Slot 1 was the overall winner where formatting the card took just 8 seconds, while the SanDisk Extrem Pro 32 GB 95MB in Slot 2 took 14 seconds and the SanDisk Extrem Pro MicroSD 80MB 22 seconds.

It would be interesting to see how the cards perform with the external Sony MRW-S1 High Speed UHS-II USB 3.0 Memory Card Reader/Writer.

Sony A7III / A73 Sample Images and Video

Today, I was testing my new Sony A7III and here are my first sample images which I have taken in Turku (Finland). Previously, I had the Sony A7 and the difference to the A7III is almost like day and night.

The autofocus is so much faster and the video features and quality have also much improved. It really motivates me to do even more with my new camera. I have not modified the picture which you see below. I have cropped some of them a bit to straighten them and minimised their size with JPEGmini.

FieldMonitor App and the Sony A7III Review

Yesterday, I have received my new Sony A7III and I was curious to find out how the FieldMonitor app on my iPhone together with my new camera. So I contacted the developer of the FieldMonitor app and asked if his App would work with the Sony A7III?

Unfortunately, there has been no tests with the FieldMonitor App and the Sony A7III yet so I got the opportunity to beta test the app on the Test Flight app (I have never used it before but the Test Flight app is made to test apps before they get released).