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Comparison and differences - YI 4K+ or GoPro Hero5?

YI Technology has recently announced the YI 4K+ and I am quite excited to see that there are more GoPro alternatives available.

What makes the YI 4K+ impressive (and sets it apart from the GoPro Hero5) is that it can record 4K with 60FPS. Moreover, the YI 4K+ can also record with a higher resolution than the GoPro Hero5.

Comparison and differences - YI 4K+ or GoPro Hero5

St. Valentine's Outdoor Pants - Kari Traa

Socks as a present for Christmas, pants (long johns) for St. Valentine’s Day. That’s the reality of being a wife of an outdoorsman ☺

Kari Traa Pants

Packrafting in Portugal

Revently, I went to the Algarve in Portugal for sightseeing and packrafting and here are a few impressions from this trip.

This tidal mill is one of the few things that we saw on our recent trip to Algarve, Portugal.

tidal mill in Algarve Portugal

Video - Day Trip from Alta to Hammerfest by bus

On our trip to Norway we decided to go for a day trip from Alta to Hammerfest. We bought the tickets from North Adventure. The bus just left from the front of their office and the whole bus trip took around 3 hours including a 1 hour break where we had to switch the buses. Here is our video from this trip.

From Alta to Hammerfest by bus

Posted by HikeVentures on Friday, 27 January 2017