Hiking & Packrafting Adventures


For my packrafting trips I was looking for shoes which I can wear together with my dry suite and I came across the KEEN EVOFIT ONE. KEEN provided my a pair of test sandals and I took them with me on my three days packrafting trip in Teijo National Park in Finland.

Teijo National Park

Finnish Packrafting Meet-Up 2018 - Teijo National Park

Last weekend I went to the three days Packrafting meetup 2018 in Teijo National Park which has been founded in 2015, has about 79.000 visitors per year, covers an area of 34 km2 and has 50 km2 of marked trails.

Finnish Packrafting Meetup 2018

How I record nature sound in stereo

Recently, I started with a new hobby - recording nature sound in stereo. Previously, I have always used my Sennheiser MKE 600 to record nature sound but I got interested into stereo ambient sound recording. I don’t have much experience in recording yet but after reading several blogs I learned that I can attach my Clippy Stereo EM172 like ears on a tree. The tree serves as a human head. In general, I was interested in a lightweight setup and that’s why I think the Clippy Stereo EM172 are one of the best solutions for me.

MixPre-3 and Fel Communications Clippy Stereo EM172

The Alpha PFD by Palm Equipment - Review

When it comes to any paddle sport, one of the essentials for white water safety is your personal flotation device or a PFD for short. There are different types of PFDs that you can choose from (all sorts of shapes, colours and sizes, in fact) and there are different reasons why you would like to choose one or another.

Packrafting in Portugal