Hiking and Packrafting Adventures

  • Örö Island - A Mediterranean Gem in Finland

    The gear is packed. The packrafts are inflated. The sails are ready. And so we are. There are some clouds in the sky and the wind is strong and blowing in the right direction, our destination being the island of Örö. The island of Örö is located in the outer archipelago and is one of the last big islands before the open sea. Örö offers a lot of cultural history (military) and a diverse landscape.

    Örö Island Finland Ferry Arriving Ejskär


  • The best GPS outdoor watches for 2016 with color display

    Today I would like to present you the best outdoor GPS watches with color display which you can wear on your next hiking or backpacking trip, for running or on any other outdoor activity. At the moment I am wearing a Suunto Traverse which has a monochrome display. I am quite satisfied with my Suunto Traverse so far but I would be interested to get an outdoor watch which features a color display.

    best outdoor GPS watch color display 2016