Hiking, Cycling and Packrafting Adventures

  • Cycling the 250 km Turku Archipelago Trail in Finland

    Last Friday I was cycling from Turku along the Archipelago Trail - a 250 km trip around the Turku Archipelago. The whole bicycle trip took me 27 hours to complete and I spent 1 night in my tent nearby the ferry harbour leaving from Kustavi. I have planned this summer bicycle trip already a long time ago but never had time to cycle it. I am also interested to do a bicycle tour in Åland but this won’t happen this year anymore. Below you can see my Surly Disc Trucker on a bridge in Turku. I just bought a pair of Ortlieb Back Roller Classics a week ago as well.

    The Archipelago Trail | Saariston Rengastie Turku Surly Disc Trucker Ortlieb Back Roller Classic

  • Astral Designs V-Eight Review

    A few months ago I bought an Astral Design V-Eight as my new go-to PFD for packrafting. I was looking for a lightweight PFD which is comfortable to wear and has some pockets. Previously, I had already the Astral YTV but lost it on a packrafting trip in Northern Sweden.

    Astral V-Eight Review Test


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