Aclima showed us their Marius and WoolNet Hiking Crew at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen.

Could you present something new what’s coming on the market.

Yes again we’ve got a lot of new stuff for next summer and you know about Aklima?

It’s a Norwegian brand and it’s produced in Europe and it’s been wool specialist since 1939.

So we’ve been on the market for many many years. 80 years next year.

Started with Norwegian wool and then the last 20 years or so it has been Merino wool from mainly New Zealand.

The past years it was mixed but now it’s only using Merino.

You’ve got some the Norwegian patterns don’t you?

Of course we have Norwegians patterns. This is Marius normally we have had it as a as a T-shirt but we’ve now made it as a long-sleeve.

In our winter collection we have these patterns as well in many many different colors and styles.

But it’s true that we have it in for summer use as well.

A thinner 17 5.5 micron merino wool. Even though it looks like a traditional sweater.

Yeah, it could be worn during the summer day.

Of course you can. You can use it for everyday. You can use it for for hiking or you know when you go on a hike in the mountains on and because it’s wool it won’t smell you can wear it for many days in row and it won’t smell.

Looks good. Do you have any other interesting things for us.

Normally we will make underwear.

And this is a kind of a hybrid. This is the piece that you can use as underwear as a base layer or you can use it for hiking as well as a single layer.

It’s in the front as you see it’s a normal one wool shirt and on the back it’s with our netting.

This is a wool wool netting. It is very breathable. There’s a lot of air coming through here and when you take off your backpack you dry you always get wet on the backpack.

So if you take it off you dry this really fast because it it ventilates.

But that’s also trap air? It does if you have a second layer on top of it you have a lot of it’s like it’s like in a down jacket you have it’s not the down itself that insulates it’s the air in between and the same here to air in all these holes that’s insulate you.

Works perfectly. So and you have different colors now as well. Yeah not in the hiking.

This is the only color we have in hiking. But we have the the netting we have in very different colors as well.

And also for for the summer we have a lot of new colors.

We have 10 new colors in t-shirts.

This is not actually not meant as underwear.

It’s more meant like for everyday use.

Of course, you can use it on a hike.

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