On the ISPO we had the chance to talk with Berghaus about the best jackets in their collection - the Extrem 8000 Pro and Ramche 2.0 Jacket.

Berghaus Extrem 8000 Pro

Hi. This is Konstantin, and I’ve got Chris here from Berghaus. Chris, could you tell us something about one or two, three highlights of your collection?

Well, here’s the first. This is the Extrem 8000 Pro Jacket, which has just won an ISPO Gold Award, about which we are very pleased. This is the most technical jacket in the Berghaus range. It sits in the Extrem, the pinnacle range that Berghaus makes, and it won the award for three fantastic innovations all called Xpanse.

There’s the Xpanse Back, which provides amazing freedom of movement. When you need to stretch, or move around, the back of your … This area here. It’s a basically a panel. It expands, and then retracts when you don’t need it.

The Xpanse Hood, which uses a system of magnets. When you’re in full winter conditions, you’ve got a climbing helmet, but of course you’ve got a hood with a lot of volume. When you need it, you can get that volume by expanding it, but then it clips back into place using those magnets, so you don’t get the excess fabric moving around in the wind when you don’t need it, and you don’t want it.

Finally, there’s the Xpanse face guard there, to which you can zip away when you don’t need it, but when you’re in full winter conditions, but you don’t want to get too steamed up, you’ve got that face guard with the little holes there that allows you to continue to operate at optimum level in the worst conditions.

That’s the Extrem 8000 Pro Jacket, which will be available from autumn/winter 2016

Ramche 2.0

Chris, can you tell us something about this product as well.

Yeah. This is called the Ramche 2.0, which is a Berghaus down jacket, expedition level down jacket. 850 filled power goose down. Hydrophobic down, so it repels water, will continue to perform when it gets wet, and the treatment on that is powered by NikWax, so it’s PFC-free, which is an important sustainability message.

The Ramche is very special for the kid, and it’s been tested by our mountaineer Mick Fowler in the worst conditions in the Himalayas. It’s been thermally … Sorry. There are three zones of body mapping in this down, so you get the extra heat where you need it most, and you get lower levels of down where you need heat to escape when you’re moving fast in the outdoors.

The baffles are stitched through baffles on the outside and the inside, but they’re offset like that, so you don’t get any cold spots throughout the product. Between the two layers of down baffles there is reflect mesh, which is aluminum infused mesh that reflects heat back into the jacket, and makes it even warmer than you might expect it to be.

The face fabric is an extremely tough and lightweight face fabric that repels water, windproof …

Rip stop.

Rip stop, and in fact, Mick Fowler, our sponsored mountaineer, got it. He was testing a prototype, and he got it caught in his belay device while he was abseiling, and he thought, “Oh, no. I’m going to end up with down everywhere. There’ll be feathers all over this mountain.” He abseiled, I think it was about … Completed his 50 foot abseil, and the fabric was marked, but it wasn’t torn, so it’s extremely tough for it’s weight.

You’ve got all that you’d expect from a full mountain down jacket, and it weights under 500 grams. Really lightweight. Really tough. Really warm. Really thermally efficient. It’s the Ramche 2.0 from Berghaus. This again fits in the Extrem range.

By the way, Extrem has been part of the Berghaus collection since 1986, so this is a 30th birthday of our pinnacle range. It’s a really big year for the collection, which has been completely relaunched for 2016.

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