On the ISPO we had the chance to talk with Houdini about some of their best fleece jackets in their collection - the Power Houdi and Wooler Houdi.

Hi, this is Konstantin and I’ve got Magnus from Houdini. Magnus, would you tell me something about your interesting products?

Yeah, absolutely. Here we got the Power Houdi. It’s a great Houdini product. It’s made from Polartec Power Stretch Pro, which is a really nice fleece fabric and it’s really warm, comfortable, has a nice fit to it so it’s not too tight, but not too loosely fit, has a tight hoodie that works perfect underneath the shell we have here. I would say it’s the best fleece on the market. Everybody should have one.

This is quite interesting what about the quality of the material.

Basically, you have one that’s brand new and one that’s 10 years old, and they look exactly the same. I would say I have maybe 10 Power Houdis in my wardrobe and the one like the most, it’s the oldest one I got because it’s the softest and it fits me perfect because I’ve been wearing it so much.

Then here, we have a new product called the Wooler Houdi, basically the same product design something really new to the market, it’s 100% wool but it has this grid inside that makes it really warm but still breathable and it transportes more moisture.

It’s also part of a new wool program that makes it 100% traceable so we know which farm all the wool comes from. Has a really nice micron to it so it’s 7 1/2 microns which makes it super-super soft, make the skin and if you wear it without anything underneath.

It’s biodegrable, so we think this is something that a lot of customers want to wear, good for nature and it’s also super nice to wear.

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