On the ISPO we had the chance to talk with Petzl about some of their best headlamps in their collection - the NAO+ and the Reactik+.

Hi this is Konstantin and I’m with Petzl here. Could you tell us something about the new line of lamps?

The new line of lamps, well this year for the expo it’s a winter show, we started to produce headlamps with Bluetooth, before we had to tick at high speed and now we have Reactik+ and NAO+, both with Bluetooth.

The last headlamps, you could see if your battery is low for example on your hat lamp instead was blinking red or yellow or green for totally charged.

Here you have the light mode for example, so if you say you’re going on a ski tour for 20 hours, the hat lamp changes the light mode so it changes the lumen as well and the app guarantees that you have, with 72 percent, 20 hours and 20 minutes for time running, so if you charge it up a little bit in full power mode, 300 lumen, you have 1 hour 49 with 72 percent.

As well, you can change profile. We have mountaineering profile, we have a profile for mountain running and since 2 years, we still have the reactive lightening with Now and Now plus and Reactik+ this year.

The Reactik+ has 300 lumen and you now charge from 575 to 750 lumens so it’s a big step. The now has a second feature, we have now a red light.

If you just want to have one lamp and being on tour in the city from work, home, you have a red light in the back and you can write an SOS.

So with the app you say “SOS I broke my leg somewhere” and you can send it over the red light in blinking mode.

So it basically signals the morse code

You can send a morse code with the red light.

This is quite handy. You don’t even need to know the morse code

It’s a nice feature, it’s a nice thing to have, but hopefully it will save lives somehow. That’s for the hat lamps, the news. App is already available, it’s for free, for sure.

What’s the difference between NAO+ and NAO?

NAO+ and NAO, the difference is just that we have Bluetooth in NAO+ and Bluetooth is not available for all countries.

If you want to have a Bluetooth lamp, you have to buy the head lamp in the US, Japan or Europe.

The NAO is just available for the other countries so all of the world, Africa, and NAO, the classic mode, has 50 lumen less than the NAO+.

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