Jonathan Cedar from BioLite showed us their FirePit at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen.

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So, the fire pit borrows from BioLite’s core combustion technology, where we’re able to burn wood with no smoke by having fans that push extra oxygen through the fire, and can essentially reburn the particles that make up smoke.

And, so, this is the largest fire we’ve ever made.

And everyone has had the experience of…

You have a campfire and then the wind blows and the smoke goes in your face

Oh yes. There are even so many different ways to explain who…

  • About the person who the smoke is blowing at.
  • Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I mean it’s it’s quite traditional, I think, in the cultures. Ingrained.

  • And you are trying to spoil it.
  • We’re trying to spoil the whole thing.

No more ‘white rabbit’ as we say it in the US.

  • ‘White rabbit’?
  • Yeah, ‘white rabbit,’ I guess.

So, now there’s no more sitting on the smoky side of your fire pit.

Also the perforated mesh sides allow you to see the whole wood burning.

So, normally when a fire is contained, you just see the top of it.

But now we can reveal the whole log so you can get…

  • So, the sides are also..?
  • Yes, the sides are see-through, so, that the radiant heat of the fire can come out and warm you.

Otherwise, it normally gets trapped inside of the container.

  • And you can still charge something?
  • Yes

So, the power pack can still charge several phones or a couple of tablets.

Or you can run our string lighting and set up a whole campsite.

It’s also controllable through an app.

So, this app is actually controlling that fire there right now but… um…

So, you can control the fan speed

  • so how hot the fire is.

And you can also turn on and off the USB.

So, if the USB is running all the lights in your camp and you can go to sleep in your tent, and then turn the lights off.

That sounds really good. The only problem I see is that the mosquitoes might be happy.

The mosquitoes? Yea, that’s true. Definitely good for mosquitoes.

  • Next thing we’ll make an electric bug-zapper.
  • That’s a good idea!

Next year maybe…

So, this is a very interesting product. It builds up on your previous successes.

And I should say it also has a grill on top.

It’s covered by this sign right now but the grill retracts like this so you can put more logs in.

You can start with a bit of charcoal and then drop the fuel bed, so that you can add logs.

  • So, it’s quick versatile from this perspective.
  • Yeah, it’s very versatile.

So, you can start by cooking dinner and then add logs and have a fire all night.

And this can be taken off completely?

Yes. Exactly… Twist itsideways and it goes off… Perfect.

  • It takes a little bit of practice.
  • Yeah. There you go. You got it.
  • Now I’ve got it.
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