Jonathan Cedar from BioLite showed us their 3D Slim Fit Headlamp at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen.

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This is completely new. So this is the very first Bio light 3d slim fit headlamp. We believe that there are three dimensions to a great headlamp.

One is how thin is it right. How do we make a headlamp that isn’t so bulky that you can forget that you’re wearing it really and so one is a very thin front that’s integrated directly into the textiles.

The second aspect is the weight has been redistributed.

So the batteries on the back and the light is on the front.

So it’s it really doesn’t bounce or move around as you move your head.

And the third piece is the technical soft goods which are very breathable but also very comfortable and very stable.

And so this is a great headlamp for active outdoors that you can really wear all night long and it stays very comfortable.

And how powerful is it?

So it’s a 320 lumens and it’ll run for three and a half hours at 320 lumens or up to 40 hours on its lower settings.

And they’re working on a USB charger.

Yes, they’re USB rechargeable.

And does it also adjust. Yes it’s also adjustable.

Yeah and I also while they were clicking through the whole setting I saw that you have red light.

Yes there’s also a red light mode inside. So there’s a whole variety of different things.

Yeah. Okay, well it’s a quite interesting development.

Thank you and we really feel like this is the first headlamp that is truly like a modern wearable like a SmartWatch you know we brought that concept to the headlamp.

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