This is Konstantin from Last week we went to Norway and we got a couple of souvenirs for ourselves, like this scarf or like this bush-craft knife.

This bush-craft knife is made by Brusletto. It’s a Norwegian company that makes a lot of different knives, fire-steal and a few other items.

According to the description, this is a full tang bush-craft knife with a very good balance and control.

It’s named after one of the most mythical, remote and beautiful waterways in Norway - Vassfaret.

The knife and the sheath come packaged in this very nice and appealing box.

Let’s try and open it.

And here you have it - the knife and the sheath. I hope I am going to enjoy using it a lot in the future.

One last thing - this knife is made of carbon steal, which means I have to oil it to prevent rust.

It lies very nicely in my hand and it is very sharp.

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