Edward Austin from the Buffalo Systems showed us the Mountain Jacket at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen.

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Could you tell something about your exciting products.

I certainly can.

Yeah, I mean you guys come on the stand so I thought I’d talk about one of our classics the buffalo mountain shirt.

It’s an award-winning piece Guild Golden Boot award and it is a beautiful construction for outdoor adventurous all over the world.

It is a cold weather piece so what we’ve got is a classic Pertex lining with an aquifer empire lining on the inside.

And it works in an incredibly simplistic way.

It merges your traditional base layer, insulation layer, mid layer and your external, that all into the one garment.

So what you’ve got here is your

Pertex which has obviously got a banging hydrostatic head pressure as well but then on the inside with the pile lining we’ve merged the base layer and the wicking layer and the insulation all in one.

So what you get when you wear this next to the skin and the contact it has it just by polarization.

It draws the moisture out and distributes it evenly across the Pertex where obviously the wind and the evaporation takes place.

So it is incredibly effective and obviously then you’re saving weight because you’re not having multiple layering systems and it just keeps a really concise structure to it so it’s beautiful piece.

What you’ve also got which makes it an absolute classic is you’ve got a very deep map pocket here which if we can see with my hands you can fit an OS map in or just snacks, all of your goodies and compasses.

And it’s all to hand as well. So you’re not going to go into your rucksack and which pocket is it in. All of your kits here so really simplistic, really easy to use and for that reason it is an absolute cracker.

But there are also different cuts not only the mountain shirt but you also have regular jacket.

Yes we do. I mean I’m not going to get one for you but we’ve basically done the same thing but obviously with a full-length zipped down the middle.

Classic pieces being our Alpine jacket, our Belay jacket which has just sold incredibly well.

And it just allows a little bit of a flexibility for the user so you know there could be either off the crag and then they can go into the pub and they feel like they can just unzip it.

These are designed to be worn next to the skin. So sometimes when you go into a pub in Scotland at the end of the day on the hill you don’t want to just whip your mountain shirt off and stood bare-chested half naked for the world to see and that’s where the full-length jackets come in very very good use.

But as well in super cold weather if you were wearing your mountain shirt and you’re going it up high higher altitude you could get a belay jacket or one of our alpine jackets to use as an extra layer.

So there’s no reason you can’t merge these you know what we call the double pile layering system that buffalo has to produce you know graver thermal support which is exactly what we’re looking at in colder weather but without ever compromising the performance of the gear.

One thing we don’t ever like is this concept of stopping the the weather coming in.

We’re interested in managing the microclimate on the inside of the garment because that allows for more flexibility for the user and it allows them to have a better enjoyment whilst they’re out on the hill because it’s not about stopping water coming in.

It’s about managing the moisture and the water level moving out of garment and that’s what this system excels in.

I mean we’ve had done various tests on this but and wait for it because it’s brilliant.

If you were to fully submerge this garment under water in ice-cold water it will dry within 15 minutes.

That is those good a test is you’re ever gonna get. I have some friends who actually use it instead of a dry suit or a wet suit for packrafting.

There is a question though. How well does it work after a while?

Does it smell? It depends on the individual.

If you are a smelly individual you will be smelling anyway. And I must admit after being in the wilderness for upto you know a month on end living in a tent and eating bare essentials everything smells.

And if you’re an outdoor enthusiast you don’t worry about what it smells like.

But but on the flip side you know all outdoor kit smells but what’s beautiful is that you can machine wash these things.

It’s incredibly quick to dry and obviously then the smells completely removed.

So even if you do get a little bit of an odor generating it’s very easy to fix it.

And again you can wash it with complementary products like Nick wax.

We just ask that you don’t use any type of biological detergent.

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