Edward Austin from the Buffalo Systems showed us the Mountain Shirt at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen.

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We designed the lightweight range obviously in conjunction with what I’ve just been talking about with the mountain shirt.

But obviously the lightweight system is designed for the summer periods you know we’re out here it’s nice it’s June.

Obviously back in the UK here we were still getting cold windy and wet weather but the temperatures just aren’t low enough to justify the the double pile setup that we’ve got and the AquaTherm pile lining in the mountain shirt.

So what the designers actually introduced with this wonderful kind of like lightweight system which more often than not so for instance off up the ladies Teclight shirt here which I wanted to talk to you about.

It integrates a lot of the original concept so obviously it’s meant to be worn next to the skin to provide optimum wicking potential but also the thermal support on those colder windier days.

But we’ve just tweaked it we put a Teclite micro-pile lining on the inside and again it just gives you a boost of insulation without cooking you from the inside out.

And remember what we do with Buffalo is we design it so it’s next to the skin you don’t want to wear any type of base layer.

You certainly don’t want to wear any type of cotton T-shirt next to it.

And that just allows the garment to perform at its optimum.

You know Pertex all the way through so it’s the windproof, it’s absolutely fantastic, hydrostatic head it perfect.

Just what you want the kind of summer activities with this tech light shirt as well which is slightly different from the mountain.

We integrated a fixed hood into it which obviously it has got a volume adjuster on the inside as well.

So again on those windier days you can just protect your cheeks and your face and just keep everything nice and snug.

Still the same classic setup as you’d expect with your Buffalo.

So we’ve gone for the deep map pocket, OS map all your snacks, all your goodies and as well we’ve integrated a hand warmer pocket in here which is also lined with the Teclite micro-pile micro-pile.

Again really good for those kind of cold stops or when you’re marching and you just want to keep your hands a little bit warm.

What we’ve put into it as well and you might not be able to see it but I’ll just wiggle it around for you is a volume adjustment strap.

So again in high winds you just really want to cinch it in and it just closes the whole set up so that no wind comes in from up.

And again a really really good setup.

What we’ve also changed as well with the Teclite is we’ve also integrated a drawcord hem as well which you don’t get with the traditional mountain shirt because it just sits very nicely.

But again for the lightweight range a lot of mountain bikers use that, a lot of fell runners use that.

And the feedback we got was actually a little bit of adjustment at the bottom just to allow a little bit of a tweak in the fit it just made a really delicious piece.

And again the feedback on it has been absolutely superb.

So yeah in a nutshell that’s the the tech light shirt.

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