Kurt Gerber from Exped showed us their Whiteout Backpack at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen.

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Besides sleeping mats, do you also have other products? We have a range of products that revolve around sleeping like our sleeping bags for example and we also offer a full range of backpacks, tents, accessories.

Are there any interesting new developments in the backpacks.

Um, yeah sure.

For 2019 we’ve made our whiteout pack which is basically what you see here and this is sort of the pinnacle in our alpine category.

Why is it? This is now the toughest pack in our range.

It’s based on a Dyneema composite fabric.Extremely abrasion resistant, tear resistant, lightweight at the same time and what’s also a speciality of Exped is we make a full range of waterproof backpacks.

Again in this case it’s a waterproof Alpine pack and waterproof on the one side because of the fabrics we are using but at the same time all tape and all seams are taped.

Okay so this is a fully waterproof Alpine pack and they come in which sizes?

Um in this case here it comes in three sizes. So we got the 30, 45 and 55 litres.

So it’s starting from daypack to a multi-day pack. Multi-day and in this case it’s the fabric, it’s all about the fabric.

The dynamic composite fabric that is extremely tough.

And it’s rather lightweight as well. So yeah waterproofness, toughness and durability.

These are definitely highlights of this pack. Here that’s something we’re doing for 2019.

Okay you also have some new developments when it comes to the sleeping bags. Sleeping bags.

Exactly we offer a full range of sleeping bags that covers different temperature ranges, the different usages that you may want and for 2019 we’ve made a women specific bag in our comfort line.

As the word comfort says it’s all about comfort in your sleep.

It’s wider bag allows you to move around, get you the space it’s not claustrophobic and for 2019 we’re making a women specific bag to reach the temperatures that women may need when they’re sleeping.

There’s more down in the bag. There’s a couple of additional features that we’ve integrated into the bag.

It’s a bit trimmer than the regular bag and again all about comfort and warmth.

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