Petra Hilleberg from showed us their new Hilleberg Allak 3 and Hilleberg Allak 3 Inner Mesh Tent at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen.

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We’ve had the Allak for a few years that we’re now calling the Allak 2 and now has a bigger brother - the Allak 3.

Hilleberg allak 3

It’s a comfortable three person tent.

Yeah, there is plenty of space actually in there.

The sitting height is 110 centimetres. A tall guy like you can easily sit in there and you can sleep in there with two of your friends.

So either for three people or for people who want a little more space for two. Or it’s a really nice option also if you go with your dog.

There is quite a lot of space also on both sides for luggage.

You can easily fit three packs.

For the Allak 3 we’ve also added more pockets. You have three big pockets on each side of the tent.

The Allak is a little bit tapered so it’s a little bit wider up front another touch narrower down below but you can see we have three therm-a-rests here that you can fiddle easily in here.

Yeah, so that’s kind of what we have that’s our news this year.

We’re pretty excited about it we’ve been using it a lot over the last year so it’s really nice.

Allak 3 Inner Mesh Tent

This is the Allak 3 Inner Mesh Tent so for most of our models we offer a mesh inner tent like this and you can use it separately like we have here.

Hilleberg Allak Inner Mesh Tent

Then it has a little foam holder kit so you can set it up.

But you can use the poles which you got for your tent and use it separately. Obviously, then it’s really a nice bug protection.

It’s not rain proof obviously but it’s bug proof is amazing protection in hot dry areas or you can use it inside your regular Allak 3 and just button it in if you want more airiness.

It’s an all season tent. The Allak 3 Inner Mesh Tent then makes it a three season.

With Allak where you have their large doors alongside, having the mesh inner tent and then leaving the doors completely rolled open, and you have really nice views and really venting throughout.

And at the same time you have enough protection. So obviously the inner tent that comes with the Allak 3 are also really good for summer but if you want to have more airiness you can use the Allak 3 mesh inner tent.

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