Paul Johnson from Jetboil showed us some of their new highlights such as the Flash and Millijoule stoves at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen and explained us on what to pay attention to when selecting a cooking system.

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Jetboil Flash

We just launched our Flash and our Flash unit has been an iconic SKU for us for the past ten years or so.

Jetboil Flash

Is it is as everybody sees now this is our classic unit with the one liter cup.

Some of the key features on this that really kind of give that Jetboil blueprint is our flux ring on the bottom and that just helps really boil the water faster.

Overall and it’s zeros in the heap right into the unit itself versus it just kind of flushing away the other key thing on this item that we kept is our monochromatic thermo thermometer on this so as the water starts to boil you’ll see this turn orange which is which is very nice.

You know people like to see that as it comes up and builds to the boil the other key features would make this flash new for this year is we really redesigned the whole burner system itself you can see from the old version.

It’s got a little bit sleeker look.

Overall, we went from a regular steel to aluminum base on this which also matches up very nicely with the bottom which is aluminum that’s very good in high temperature situations.

You don’t get the shrink or expansion or shrink on the on the unit it’s a little bit lighter.

Yes, exactly and then the other thing overall with the new burning unit is we reduced our boil time from over two and a half minutes down to a hundred seconds.

Okay and that’s really what our feet are customers really like.

So that’s our new flash we’ve got this in four different colors for 2018.

Jetboil Millijoule

We’ll move on to the next new product is our Milljoule and this is really kind of a higher altitude group cooking system and again in classic chip well style everything nests right in there it comes with our flux ring built in on the bottom of this.

Jetboil Millijoule

Again helping for that quick burn time but again all the technology really is in this burner unit itself which is really hot designed for that higher altitude lower temperature we’re in.

What’s really cool about this while this is a gas can’t isobutane fuel source which is what we use on all of our jib oil items

When you turn it upside down like this and we have the the burner designed it’s a liquid feed versus just a gas feed and that’s what gives you the higher altitude advantages and lower temperature advantages and simmer control is really the key to this so you can really dial this down and not just boil water or melt snow. You can cook on it too.

We really try to separate our units of our consumers is between regulated and non-regulated right are non regulated are really focused in on just boiling water as fast as you can.

It’s a little harder to cook on you can but then if you move to an item like our mo family we call that we have a minimo a micromo and a mightymo.

This is the minimo here and what’s neat about this is you have this what you see here this is our regulator and what it allows you to really go dial it down to do that simmer control and you could put a pot support on here you fire it up so it’s on and like I said you can crank that all the way up you’re gonna get over 10,000 BTUs but again if you put a pan on there with the proper pot support which gives you a little layer you can see how I’m really dialing this down.

The sound is decreasing right so now it’s it’s got a nice simmer on that so you can not burn you don’t burn anything it’s a nice nice cooking experience.

So those are our our Jetboil. So you got our Zip Flash which is non regulated those are our core staple items good boiling water backpacking our Mo family, micromo, mightymo, sumo, minimo.

You can cook and pack out and then you got our joule, millijoule and regular joule for the higher altitude group food.

How to select a cooking system?

If someone wants to choose a cooking system. What other things to pay attention to?

For cooking overall its it’s about that regulated stove. So as you’re looking at it how does that regulator work is it going to give you the proper temperature.

You know because that’s what it’s going to be and then it’s really planning your food but what are you gonna bring with you when you’re prepping for you know a pre pre hike or campout.

You got to think about what kind of food you’re cooking.

If you just bring the hydrated then this is more than sufficient but if you’re planning to do a little bit more extensive cooking pasta or you bring some meats that you want to cook and like I said saute or something.

Along those line up it’s form a base camp activity so that would be a way better.

Oh that’s sort of being a group.

Yes, right and then that’s where you do something like the minimo.

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