Karen Harmer from KEEN showed us the Clearwater, Newport, Tarradora Ethos and UNEEK sandals at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen.

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So, I am just going take you through a little bit of heritage of KEEN and the story of where we came from.

This is the Newport sandal, which is the product that KEEN is probably well known for most across the globe.

It launhed 15 years ago and at that time it was really groundbreaking in a sense that the sandals protect your toes. And from this the Newport was born and its really a class of its own.

And it continues to be a very successful product for adventure travel, for hiking, and for people kind of living a hybrid life for the mixture of these activities.

Really technical product. Obviously, with the leather upper, kind of less suited towards water sports.

But it’s still a vert important part in our range. As the years have evolved, obviously, the collection has gotten wider.

And we still produce a wide range of watersports footwear. So, a really important product that launched for spring /summer 2018 is a product called the Evo Fit.

And this is a sandal for men and women and it is really fantastic for a wide range of adventure travel or watersports.

  • I see that the toe is still protected.
  • Exactly.

So over time, part of the evolution, when people think of KEEN they think about this classic fat toe bumper

And that’s part of our heritage. And that still continues to be the case.

But, essentially, as the range progresses, they become more streamlined.

But it’s still its key feature for protection.

And I can tell for sure becuase I have KEEN sandals.

And I’ve experienced how wonderful it is when you stub your toe and you don’t feel anything.

No pain. Exactly, no flip flop accidents. So, this is a really important product for us. Super versatile.

It uses a new fabric for KEEN called EVOFIT. It’s a four-way stretch material, so you get a really beautiful streamlined, glove-like fit.

Super quick drying and features TPU overlay so it’s kind of really robust for wide range of activities.

Specifically designed for all kind of water activities. You’ve got a really robust rubber outsole here.

And with a razor-siped outsole, for anything with watersports you can have superb grip with this.

You have this really easy one pole lacing system.

Again quick drying, easy on and off.

And a very distinctive feature for this particular shoe is that you have a removable foodbed.

So for people who perhaps use their own kind of orthotic, you can replace it.

So this is a kind of nice feature.

This is definitely something interesting. So it makes it a little bit more versatile.


And this also allows me to show you something KEEN is really well renowned for.

So, often the feedback we get from KEENs is the immediate step-in comfort.

So essentially, as the foot goes in, you have this metatomical sole ridge, which allows the toes to spread.

You have really fantastic support actually through and underneath the arch and really good heel support with two types of material.

So, super comfortable straight from the box.

This the spring summer launch and this for men and women.

And, I believe, this is the model you mentioned that you’ve tried already.


So, this is the Clearwater. It’s a product that has been around for a couple of years.

The same tooling system in terms of the razor-siping through the outsole.

A slightly different polyester mesh upper but still with the classic KEEN asthetic to it.

Again the lovely ridged metatomical sole footbed here.

So, it’s a super comfortable shoe straight from the box.

And again a good allrounder for watersports.

You can actually see through the outsole here, this has a much more streamlined outsole than our classic Newports.

So, the offset is much closer to the ground, so you get a much more natural foot motion.

So, again still the same classic features, that KEEN comfort, but slightly different end usages and, probably, a more progressive looking shoe.

Something very alternative.

So, this is a product called the UNEEK and it came to market 2 years ago.

And essentially it’s taking the concept of an outsole and marrying it with just a system of cords.

So you have a really natural fit. This, obviously, is a less technical product than the other ones I have taken you through previously.

So a really nice lifestyle choice. Perhaps for some adventure travel.

Again you have this flex through the foot, razor siping.

So again this is just a nice versatile shoe for all kind of watersports activities / water’s edge.

And finally something for the ladies.

This is the Tarradora Ethos. This is launched for spring summer 2018 and it’s a women’s specific sandal.

Again a lot of these classic KEEN features: So, a really robust rubber outsole.

A nice leightweigh EVA midsole, so it’s really comfortable on the foot.

Removable footbed, so, again, it can be used with your own orthotic.

A lovely quick-drying upper.

The one-pull lacing system.

So, it’s a really versatile shoe.

So you kind of getting the support of a hiker but with a lightweight breathability of a sandal.

So its a really beautiful hybrid product.

So, that’s in a nutshell some of our highlights.

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