Miriam Blume from Katadyn showed us their new Katadyn Gravity BeFree Water Filter at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen.

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Miriam could you please present something new that is coming?

For sure we are now at the booth of the Katadyn group and we have our 360 degrees outdoor kitchen here.

So we have Optimus stoves for cooking systems, Katadyn water filtration systems like this new filter, our BeFree gravity water filtration system.

It has a capacity of 3 liters and it runs with a hollow fiber.

So the water gets very very quickly out of the bottle here and it runs with two liters per minute.

So it’s very fast and it’s perfect for groups because you can just put it on a tree and the water will run in there and the water is clean and there are no harmful bacteria protozoa in it so it’s really really nice.

If you are outside you need to eat and therefore we have our Trek´n Eat dishes which are freeze-dried meals and there are no additives in it.

It’s very natural and every dish has about 600 calories.

So it’s quite impressive 600 calories. Are they also for vegetarians?

Yeah for sure and we also have vegan meals which is very nice and we have vegan meals, meals with fish, breakfast for sure, some dessert, so it’s a full range.

You even color-coded them. This one is a vegetarian.

Yeah this one is a green one yeah it’s vegetarian. You have meat.

Yeah we do it’s like obviously the red one.

And you also have the pepperoni plus what’s that’s with the running person.

Oh yeah this is Peronin, this is a high-performance dry-food.

So if you want to go really hard then you take Peronin.

We also have our optimist stoves the full range of outdoor cooking systems.

We have cooking stoves only with gas running but we also have the pots.

Here you can find everything you need from multi-fuel cooking system to gasoline cooking systems.

Everything, so yeah when you are at Katadyn you get everything you need when being outdoors.

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