Jeremy Goodman from KAVU tells us about the history and the products of the company at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen.

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This is Konstantin from HikeVentures and I have got Jeremy from KAVU.

KAVU, that’s right.

The name is quite interesting. Isn’t it?

Yeah, it is an interesting name. KAVU is actually an acronym. It’s a aviation term for ceiling above visibility unlimited or clear above visibility unlimited.

We ended up changing the C to a K and it really stands for the perfect day to go offline.

So our founder who started KAVU 25 years ago came from a flying family. So whenever there was a great weather it was a day to get outside and go play. Go fly, go fish, whatever it was.

Go outdoors.

Go outdoors. And it turned into a KAVU day.

All right.

So the concept for the brand itself. A brand that is about lifestyle and getting outside and really enjoying the day was there before there was actually a product.


So. That’s KAVU.

But one of the things is that you are also specialising on is some kind of sun protection. Because if you have clear skies.

Yes, of course.

The sun is burning.

Of course.

So we have a whole line of hats that are made in the USA which is great. The same factory that we started in Seattle 25 years ago.

And they are wonderful for weather it’s paddling we have some of the synthetic products or like what I am wearing a canvas item which beefy canvas so you can beat the heck out of it.

Well, it’s not bullet proof but …

No, but we give it our dareness.

I personally have one of those hats. I mean not in that funky color of this but I love the breathability about them. And they are quite stable as well.


Could you say something about it?

You actually just touched on my favorite part which is the breathability.

So one thing is really unique about this aside that this is a really eye catching item that will give you great sun protection just based on the diameter of the item.

The breathability where you have this mesh skull cap essentially which uses the nylon tubular which KAVU is known for. You just tighten it down.

It basically sits really…

It will sit quite hight and then you can actually get airflow underneath the cap itself and right through the mesh into your head.

So it’s a fantastic way to get airflow but also has really awesome sun protection.

And it also can withstand some quite hard wind. Sure, absolutely. It comes with a toggle that will tighten it down for you as well and with this nylon tubular webbing comes with all these bar tags and really tough buckles that will withstand winds.

The first item which we ever made was this cap I am wearing and it was build to withstand winds on fishing boats.

Our founder was running fishing boats out of Alaska and hats flying off.

So he says there’s got to be a better way. So he ends up sourcing some nylon tubular webbing from TEVA back in the day and stitched it on for himself and that was the first hat.

So we use the same tubular webbing 25 years later for all of these items that you can see here.

And most of them could be used by paddlers, of course.

Absolutely, paddlers, travellers, hikers, you got it.

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