Hugo Davidson from Knog showed us their new Bandicoot Headlamp at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen.

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You’ve got something interesting on the market now?

It’s not on the market yet but it will be soon.

So we’ve just finished a new campaign on Kickstarter and the Kickstarter campaign was for what we call the Bandicoot.

The bandicoot is a new head torch and the head torch

The bandicoot is a 100 lumen headlight headlamp. It has a whole series of different light settings from spotlight, floods a red light and then reading lights and the whole thing is moulded out of one section of silicone.

As you can see there it’s a continuous strap where it’s adjustable running through the back it’s very very lightweight isn’t it so great for running it fits very comfortably and so on Kickstarter we had it running for one month we ended up with five thousand five hundred backers and generated around about 317.000 dollars for the first backers and that will be launched just at the end of October.

So we came to the outdoor show with this and we’ve had fantastic response first day only a half day and we’ve had lots of people come to look at it

I think it’s going to be really exciting. So that’s one of the other products we’ve got a whole of other things here at the outdoor show.

It’s our first year here for a number of years and it’s good it’s great great vibe lots of exciting people so we’re really glad to be here.

Great, so this one is silicone this one’s silicon and that will retail for around about 35 US or Euro around.

For that price you get a completely rechargeable unit so you can plug that into USB 100 lumens as I said.

That will save you as far as sustainability all those alkaline batteries and of course if you if you’re using it it’ll last for about two hours on full.

Yeah and then if by chance you do need to recharge it then you can actually just plug it into one of our power packs and then recharge it that way so you don’t have to worry about going away for a weekend without without the head torch.

So it’s quite straightforward and easy. It’s very straightforward and and just think of the batteries that you save when you have a rechargeable light.

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