Here is our interview with Lowa at the OutDoor Show 2017 in Friedrichshafen.

Konstantin: Hi, this is Konstantin from HikeVentures and I’ve got Alex from Lowa.

Alex:: Hi, I’m Alex Nikolai, I’m head of development at Lowa, and we’re here at the outdoor show in Friedrichshafen, and I want to show you our new generation of hiking boots.

It’s a fabric synthetic hiking boot, very lightweight, comes with a grippy rubber insole from Lowa, vortex lining so it’s one hundred percent waterproof and it’s different to old traditional leather hiking boots. So here you will feel a lot of comfort, it’s also very lightweight and high performance.

This is the men’s version, with a more athletic design, and then we also have a woman’s version, which very feminine, very lightweight, and very nice to wear.

Konstantin:: The shoe is … being synthetic, it doesn’t mean that it’s not very … it still gives quite a lot of support.

Alex:: Yeah, it’s not super lightweight, so its enough support and stiffness to go on difficult hikes in the mountains and on rocky terrain, and the sole unit with PU offers you a lot of comfort, so it’s really performance hiking equipment.

Konstantin:: So, the mountains for example, the neighbourhood, the lower alps would be … Of course, it’s not mountaineering shoes, but it still will give you quite a lot of support for your ankles, to carry heavy backpack.

Alex:: You can go on rocky terrain, you can go walk on cravot, but it’s not mountaineering boot, yeah. So it’s for steeper hikes, and very functional, and still lightweight.

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