Anna Stork from the LuminAID showed us the PackLite Hero, Spectra, Nova USB and MAX at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen.

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Anna could you say something about the new line of the products that you’ve got.

Sure, so we have some exciting new products.

We have the Hero which is 300 lumens and a four thousand milliamp hour battery and it recharges your phone.

And then we also have the MAX phone charger which is a hundred and fifty lumens it also recharges your phone.


And then we have the Nova USB which is 75 lumens.

It has a micro USB input port so you can recharge it by solar or by microUSB.

And then we also have the color-changing Spectra lantern which is really fun for for barbecues or for your pool and they’re all totally waterproof and they float.

LuminAID Spectral

So they are waterproof, they float and you can charge it on the go.

The idea is that you can attach it to the back, don’t you. Exactly, so this one you can see that you can strap it on to your backpack.

It has a carabiner loop right here so you can hook it up charge it on the go.

It’s very easy to recharge and this has a really high efficiency solar panel.

And it’s quite comfortable. I see that’s even though there is a strip on the front because you’ll loop back.

I mean now it’s completely. Yes. How heavy is it?

They vary from like around four ounces to around eight ounces.

So they are very lightweight. Ounces …

Oh yeah grams. Grams, so let’s see. I think …

I’m not sure. We will find it out. I think a couple of hundred grams.

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