Caroline Karlström from Lundhags showed us their Gimmer Merino Tee at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen.

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So Caroline, beside the bags you also have some other interesting products.

Yes we do. We have this mid layer with merino wool. A whole collection and this is actually a whole new for us because we didn’t do this we had some some spare parts of merino wool but this year we will have a whole collection.

We will have long sleeves and also I think this is more thick.

Yes! Very very nice. And also this thin layer and the thing with this is that we have now hundred percent wool.

So it’s not a mix. It is just merino wool. Just merino wool and moleskin free of course.

And the material has so many advantages.

It’s breathable, it’s functional, it doesn’t smell and this is so light. It gets so nice to the skin.

Sometimes you can feel that wool is a bit itchy but this won’t itch. And this one could be worn not only in winter but also in summer.

Also in summer and actually that was new for me.

I thought that was for winter activities.

But this is so nice you can have it all year around.

Just as it says: Love the seasons.

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