Caroline Karlström from Lundhags showed us their Skare Expedition Boots at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen.

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You’re famous for the boots. This is the origin, isn’t it?

It’s the origin from 1932.

And actually the news for 2019 is that we now made our warmest boot ever.

So, for the last almost 90 years, it’s the warmest boot?

Yeah. This is our warmest boot because we have this felt liner within.

And both the outsole and the inner sole and everything get together.

This you can, you know, stand in in snow for hours, taking the perfect picture to put on your blog.

It is rather heavy. I mean, it’s not a very light one.

No. This is not very light.

The inner part is not removable? Or is it?

Yes, it’s a liner.

So you can take it out to dry it.

So, what you will do is you’re out all day.

And then you go to your tent.

And you will take the liner out, put in your sleeping bag and it will dry till tomorrow.

Definitely very nice.

So, this is with all our shell boots.

We don’t have this padding - we have this shell.

So, it’s durable. It’s sustainable. it’s getting dry fast and that is what you need.

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