Philip Leidinger from the MSR showed us the MSR Zoic 2 at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen.

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We’re sitting in the MSR ZOIC 2 tent which is located between the MSR Hubba series and the Elixir series.

Right now it’s literally located between the two.

It’s one side we’ve got them Hubba series and the other side Elixir series.

The reason why we are sitting in this tent and why it exists is that it takes the good values from both of the tents.

It has a very livable very spacey interior soyou have a lot of space to enjoy being in the outdoors where at the same time it is a rather lightweight tent it has a huge mass percentage.

So you don’t have the the weight of the Elixir series and especially for the summer month it will be the perfect tent for your your outdoor trips.

And it’s coming out next year? It is going to be on the market probably the spring next year.

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