Thomas Strobl from Mountain Equipment showed us their new Earthrise sleeping bag at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen and tells us how to choose a sleeping bag and how to dress when sleeping in it.

We from Mountain Equipment - which is a English based brand - are very proud of our new Earthrise sleeping bag.

We have here a new product which is so much better than the others in performance.

It’s the way we do it so it is a completely recycled down sleeping bag.

We are using an outer fabric which is recycled and we are using also down which is recycled.

So from the environmental point of view it is very sustainable and reusable.

For this sleeping bag no animal has to suffer or has to be killed.

It is what we are proud of is that we can get to this performance of the sleeping because this recycled materials always almost usually goes down.

Yes, and here we have a 650 cubic inch fill power in an 85:15 down which is a high performance down.

We have better down in our normal sleeping bags but to do this with a recycled bags is not that easy and yes we are proud that we succeeded to do it and can offer it here at the show.

How to choose a sleeping bag?

In general if we’re talking about sleeping bags yes what are the things that if you want to buy a sleeping bag what are the things to pay attention to?

Most people pay a lot attention to the color which are very beautiful in our sleeping bags but this is not what you should pay attention to too much and most important is I would say the quality of the filling and the size of the sleeping bag it should be not too wide otherwise there is too much air yeah air in it and it if it is too slim you squeeze the filling so it should fit therefore we are offering four different sizes for women and for men and you should if you buy a sleeping bag really try it in the shop.

It’s very important and the filling is also very important that you go on a high quality filling cubic-inch is a very good measurement for town and also the ratio of feathers and down is a very so you need to have a good proportion.

You should look that the hood is fitting well and that you can close the neck properly and that the zip is covered very well when you are laying in it by a side buffle.

I know some people sleep prefer to sleep on their sides.

Most of the sleeping bags are designed for people who sleep on the back.

You can move with the sleeping bag.

There are sleeping bags around where you can move inside the sleeping bag but then the fit is not so slim and then the sleeping bag will be more heavy and not so warm.

How to dress in a sleeping bag

Do you like to sleep naked or should you put more clothes on?

The most important thing is to put a hat on because an adult is losing 20% of his heat always at the head.

When I’m sleeping in a sleeping bag making a bivy I always have a balaclava with me.

If you are feeling cold you should put clothes on.

The reason why this exists is because if you are in a too slim sleeping bag and extra layers of insulation don’t matter because they are squeezed.

You always need room for lofting of the insulation so it it cannot be too compact. You need to have a little bit of space.

Ideally, you should buy a sleeping bag for the warm or cold climate and then it should fit maybe a little bit on your shoulder on the left and right and from the height as well. Then it’s a perfect sleeping bag.

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