Thomas Strobl from Mountain Equipment showed us their new Trembler Jacket at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen.

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The Trembler jacket is a very stylish and has a lightweight grit fleece which is very breathable.

Also, on the core body it’s wind proof with a 20 denier fabric and you have inside a grit fleece. So a bit warmer than the other sides.

Mountain Equipment Trembler Jacket

Yeah and this is a perfect summer fleece to keep your core warm but at the same time it has to be breathable and it’s very climatise sizing so it’s not too warm and it’s warm outside and a little bit wind proof on your core but it will be warm when it’s getting a bit chilly.

It’s also very small pack size and this is a real fleece and weighs only 195 grams from which is also quite low weight for a fleece.

So with this product you can have a small tiny little package of 3 layers and you have only fun in the mountains when you go there for climbing or walking and don’t have heavy loads to carry.

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