Raphael Kuner from NRS tells shows us the NRS OSO and Chinook PFDs and of the company at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen.

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Hi this is Konstantin from HikeVentures and I’ve got Rafael from NRS.

Could you say something about the new developments the new life jackets?

Oh yeah, for sure.

This is the all brand new NRS OSO and the special thing here it’s called the thin bag and as you can see it is a really thin bag and it’s way more comfortable if you sit in your kayak and you’re sitting against your backrest.

It’s super comfy and there’s a great ventilation in here so if you heat if you warm up while you pedal the hot air goes easier away.

And there’s another thing it’s the bag is made out of a couple of thin layers of foam.

So if it wraps around your point it can move so you have a really comfortable fit on your back that makes this jacket so great and awesome.

Yeah, but NRS you say that’s the best jacket is the one that’s going to be comfortable for you but one we’re going to be wearing. Yeah exactly.

That makes it a little bit more comfortable.

Yeah so the comfort is an important aspect here.

Absolutely. If you love to wear your life check you will do it.

It’s a piece of safety. You also have male and female version of this job jackets.

Yes, wait a second.

That’s the female version in different colors.

A slightly different fit but the same concept.

You have this thin bag as well here, ventilation and two different colors available.

Besides this you said that do you have any other life jackets?

We have the Chinook. That’s for kayak fishing or that’s for people who want to have extra space for gear here on the front.

If you open it you have these really great details here.

You have zippers you have attachment points so you can basically bring your complete household and stored in your lifejacket.

And at the same time is quite nice that it doesn’t open completely and things cannot fall out the end oh it’s open.

Places to store keys to attach keys and everything in and it also has the same thin bag and ventilation.

But the older versions are still in use so we have this high bag versions with a lot of foam here and no form below because they are still in our program.

This is an additional live jacket. Thank you very much Raphael.

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