Jørgen Jørgensen from Norrøna showed us their Norrøna Bitihorn Alpha Hoodie Shirt at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen.

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It could be an outer layer if in the right condition. It can also be a mid-layer or a base layer.

So the idea for this product came from our ambassador Giuliano Bordoni.

He is an Italian guy living a Bormio which is he is working really close with our product development.

So the idea for this shirt is that you have a lot of different functionality inside one product.

He’s using it starting in early in the morning down in the valley and he bike or run of the mountain and then it starts climbing or hiking at the top and this will give you protection no matter what kind of condition.

So if it starts raining you put the shell on top.

It’s a mixture of a lot of different fabrics. So this is complicated to make but has great functionality.

You have a wind shell on the top which is recycled and inside the wind shell you have the polartech alpha insulation which is very breathable information. So transport moisture really well. It’s an active insulation.

So you have that thought of in the in the front body for the extra extra insulation here.

Under the arms we’re using polartech powerwool fabric. So it contains wool.

It’s actually a base layer fabric. So it dries really quickly and since it has wool it’s also low on smell.

So you stand in the right position under the arms so you get less of unpleasant smell.

And then we have the main fabric in the hood and in the arms and in the back.

Also Polartec fabric. It is Polartec Power Dry. So a very lightweight polyester and dries out moisture really quickly.

And then we have a sort of a more stretch fabric in the cuffs so it’s easy to open up the arms and and so on.

And there’s some other cool features. There is something like we call it snow skirt but in a summer piece inside.

So you can have that inside the pant and then you have the main jacket on the outer pants so it looks nice and it’s also keeping you more comfortable.

You’ll not be afraid that it will right up even if we are very active.

And you have the hood which is nice if it gets cold and inside you have a face mask if you use it for really cold day. So it’s a flexible and different kind of piece.

You have one chest pocket and you have the front vent also.

So if it’s blowing a lot but you still won’t like ventilation you can vent it from from the bottom and your hand gaiters so that the cuffs will also work as hand gaiters.

So this is a very versatile and very nice piece indeed.

The whole idea came from one of our own ambassadors.

He sort of two different products that we have and constructed it for his personal use and we like the idea a lot. So here it is.

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