Jørgen Jørgensen from Norrøna showed us their Norrøna Bitihorn Superlight down900 Jacket at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen.

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Our Norrøna Bitihorn Superlight down900 Jacket - so, here you have three layers. You can actually use it all summer.

Or, you know, it will keep you warm and dry actually most of the year, but it’s mostly made for a summer.

So, as a super-light down piece, it’s only 160 grams.

A very very light face fabric, which is around 20 grams.

And we use 800 fill power of down.

It’s like if you feel it, there’s hardly anything there.

So, this is also, if you could bring all of this in a very small pack and be protected for all kinds of weather.

And I see that you use bigger baffles at the back and at the bottom so that it stays closer to the body.

It is also the shape of the back, so you have a little better protection there.

But it’s a super nice, very delicate and soft fabric.

And it will hardly take any space in your backpack at all.

So if you bring this one and the waterproof jacket, those two together are less than 300 grams,

take almost no space and you’re covered for all kinds unforeseen weather.

In general, when you want to choose a down jacket, what are the things to pay attention to?

I mean it depends on how you’re going to use it.

So, what you would like to know is if it’s gonna be a rough use, or if it’s just gonna to be an emergency piece.

This is more of the emergency piece or sort of the basecamp piece.

So this is totally depending on what you’re looking for.

We have down jackets made for, sort of, more expedition use, which have stronger face fabric.

And, I think, also what we focus a lot on is the amount or insulation versus the total weight of the jacket.

Because in the down jacket you don’t want to carry a lot of weight, which is not giving you loft.

So, that’s an important part to focus on - make sure that there’s enough loft to the weight ratio.

The jacket that you mentioned, the other one, which is a bit tougher than this emergency one, would it be possible to carry a rucksack?


How does it affect it, actually?

I mean, what we often do is put little piece of synthetics on the shoulders

because the down is collapsing. So, that’s we often do.

And we also use, in this Trollveggen jacket, which is our most durable down jacket there’s also a really durable face fabric, which is recycled.

And, I didn’t mention it, but all the down were using is the responsible bound standard,

which is make sure that all the down is a by-product from food industry and it’s taking care of also relation to CRS.

So, I think, this is also super important that the animal welfare part of it is taken care of.

In general, we have some really high goals for the amount of recycled fabric we use.

So, within 2020, all of our polyester fabrics will be 100% recycled.

And then 2021, the goal is that all nylon fabric also will be recycled.

And we’re on track of doing this.

So, that’s our lightweight down jackets, which we haven’t converted to recycled yet.

So, this is not recycled at the moment - it is so lightweight.

But all the other down fabrics also use recycled material.

So, it’s warm. It’s good for the environment and good for the wearer.

Yeah. And I mean, if you go out in the outdoors, down is just such a nice product to bring.

It doesn’t take much space. It’s very packable.

And if you start freezing, it’s so comfortable to have this extra security layer.

Do you also use any chemicals to make it more water repellent?

No, we have not done that because we also have a goal of removing PFC from our value chain.

And we have not seen, you know, that it’s doing so much more by adding PFC to the down fabrics.

So, then we say - rather focus on synthetics if you want to go out in wet conditions.

Or, for example, this only, which is also an installation, but which is more active.

So, when you sweat a lot, this is much better.

It’s wicking and it breathes. Thank you very much, Jørgen.

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