Jørgen Jørgensen from Norrøna showed us their Norrøna Bitihorn Wool Shirt at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen.

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And then we have a really nice lightweight base layer. So, it contains two fabrics.

One is a 125 gram wool and polypropylene mix.

We use 17.5 micron wool, so it’s really soft on the skin.

It will feel like cotton. There will be no itching.

And the polypropylene is making it dry really quickly.

The wool will, of course, also keep the smell out. So, it’s very nice for summer use.

And then we use 85 grams wool and lycra and polyester fabric in the back.

Super-lightweight, dries really quickly so it’s perfect for warm summer days.

Since it’s so lightweight, you have to be a little careful with it.

It’s a little fragile. So, if you use it hard, then you might get some tears in it.

So, it’s a special fabric for those that really want quit drying and lightweight stuff.

So, you would suggest not to use this under a really heavy backpack but…

That’s okay as long as you don’t get sharp things there.


So it’s it’s not a problem for the durability but if you have something sharp there, it easy to rip it.

And all the wool is RWS and so it’s responsible wool standard and we make sure everything is taken care of sustainability-wise.

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