Peter Wöstmann from the Ortlieb showed us the Ortlieb Atrack at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen.

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Could you say something about the new products that you’ve got?

Yeah of course.

It’s brand new. The Atrack.

It’s a new category we’re defining it’s called active traveling.

I think it’s perfect for for packrafting especially because it’s waterproof ip67 standard.

It’s the highest class we are offering including a new opening system and of course a new TIZIP zipper specially developed for this product from Hartmut Ortlieb.

I will show you just the opening effect.

One, two and just open it and you have complete access on the whole back.

Yeah, very easy.

No more searching around in the back from the top to the bottom.

Available in three sizes, 25, 35 and 45 litres.

I think it’s perfect for you guys.

You also have even a vent so that you can adjust pressure.

No it’s a for hydration system hydration system.

Yeah, of course. It’s specially produced from source.

A special one just for this pack for us.

So yeah we are really proud that they are offering this.

And it also comes with a lot of different attachments, doesn’t it?

Yeah, we are offering some to attachment kids of course.

It’s you see all the straps.

It’s for for hiking, foot pedals you can adjust helmets as well. Whatever you want and also another one just for helmets.

The complete system just for helmets. So that’s more for cycling or for other activities but for packrafting it could be also useful.

Yeah, when it’s getting dangerous you should wear helmets.

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