Jørgen Jørgensen from Patagonia showed us their Black Hole Duffel Bag at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen.

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Talking about bags. You also have some interesting duffel bags.

That’s the black hole series and this is our duffel.

So extremely resistant, water-repellent duffel bags here.

Patagonia Duffel Bag

We go from kind of a forty liter up to 120 liter. This is a hundred twenty.

Yeah that’s the biggest one. That’s the biggest one.

Really really easy. Actually you know you have like the different carry handle here.

You have the backpack strap as well and all the daisy chains as well. So you can actually secure your bag if you are like in a raft for instance.

You can really attach a lot of different links. Everything you need on this side of the bag.

There is a reinforcement on the bottom of the bag as well and make sure that it makes it really durable.

That’s your go-to bag for any kind of adventure here.

You’re going to throw everything you need into this bag and it would be without being waterproof it will be protected really kind of nicely from the water.

So that’s our black hole bag. The good thing as well as we have developed some equipment with it that we call the black hole cubes.

Okay not our kind of a really small. So we have a small, medium and large where you can again within the bag put another layer if you want them separate.

So you can try to actually compartmentalize everything. Exactly, organize it accordingly.

I’m sorry about organization you know when you are kind of traveling and stuff like that it’s easy to find your stuff.

Really cool.

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