Clément Mésange from Patagonia showed us the Micro Puff Jacket at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen.

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On the insulation part here we have the Micro Puff Jacket.

Micro Puff is our lightest synthetic insulation here.

Patagonia Micro Puff Jacket

Really developed on the technical side for more kind of the Alpine side of our consumer here but it’s really a cross over as well.

Goes with a lot of different environments etc.

The beauty of it is it’s synthetic.

So synthetics mean it won’t absorb water and continue to insulate you even in really wet environments.

The second thing as well is it’s extremely light and really packable.

So you can just throw it into the backpack.

Exactly you put it in your backpack.

It’s not gonna be bigger than one fist really.

Can we try to fold it. Oh yeah, we can.

So you also have internal storage pockets.

Yeah, so it goes only on the end pockets.

And what I see is that there is still quite a lot of space in the pocket which is really easy.

Yeah exactly. You need to really struggle trying to fit everything in.

Exactl,y so you don’t have to fight too much for.

So that’s so big when it’s gonna finish.

Kind of a small ball here. That’s quite minimal here. So you put it just on the bottom of your bag.

It makes it really easy and really conclusive.

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