Clément Mésange from Patagonia showed us their Cap Cool Daily Shirt at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen.

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We do have some kind of a new product that is really working on the base layer side.

We’ve been developing new fabrics that are really for warm weather and kind of water compatible as well.

So, the idea is to use like recycled face fabric and get them kind of really really quick drying.

So, we’re gonna talk about Cap Cool, for instance.

So, the Cap Cool is basically really soft fabric here.

It is really pleasant against the skin, actually.

Yeah. So that’s the main goal because it’s gonna be always against your body.

But then you’re gonna have UPF protection as well.

So, you will be protected from the UV from the Sun.

So then you have long sleeves, which is really comfortable - if you need, you can roll’em up.

Yeah, exactly. You have long-sleeve, short-sleeve, you even have like tank top.

And, then, the beauty of it is, just like, it’s gonna dry in a short time.

So, the person there…

Exactly. That’s a perfect demo here.

Yeah. Just jump in into the water, it’s fine.

So that’s kind of where we’re going to focus on for this season here - on those baselayer.

We have different weight and different type of fabric.

But this one will be, kind of, the most kind water compatible, I would say. Definitely.

That’s Cap Cool Daily.

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