Wolfgang Jahn from Sherpa showed us their Assar Jacket at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen.

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Wolfgang, could you say something about your company and the products?

Absolutely! Welcome to Sherpa Adventure Gear.

As you mentioned, my name is Wolfgang.

I’m responsible for Europe and I’m happy to introduce Sherpa.

Sherpa was founded in 2003 by Tashi Sharpa in Katmandu.

And our aim is to do the best product but also with a good story behind it.

And the story is just beautiful. We’re coming from the mountains from Kathmandu.

We are still producing 85% ofour productions in Kathmandu with a social responsibility and we pay back.

And it’s like a foundation where we have actually 21 kids, taking them through the school.

And it`s a nice brand with a nice history and doing some socially responsible things.

One example I want to show you is our new Assar jacket.

It’s a two-and-a-half layer jacket, super-lightweight - 350 grams, but still pockets on it.

And the interesting thing here, it’s 20,000 mm waterproof.

And, on top of this, it’s 30,000 mm breathability.

So, it’s super waterproof and also super breathable especially when you are out for hiking and out for all adventures.

We have a men’s and women’s collections and we do rain jackets.

And, otherwise, I mean, as you can see, we do a lot of colorful and beautiful designs and whatever is different.

It looks good. Everything as a technical background but it needs to look good.

Everyone wants to look good, especially the ladies.

Thank you. Would it be also possible to ask you a general question?

When selecting a rain jacket, what are the things to pay attention to?

What other things, you mean?

If people want to buy a rain jacket what would be the things to pay attention to?

I mean important is of course the fit… maybe you can take this.

Important is to fit, I mean. It needs to have a trustable hood.

On some garments we have underarm zips for breathability, what we don’t need here because of the material - it’s very breathable.

I think it’s important that it’s durable, especially when you wear backpacks.

It needs to pack in one pack, because hopefully you don’t need this jacket because the weather is beautiful.

And, otherwise, you can pack it in your bag / in your pack and put it in your backpack to get easy access.

  • These are things for people looking for…
  • The most important…

Yeah. And the fit is important I think.

When the fit is right, the length is enough and the arm sleeves are long enough, you are covered when it’s raining.

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