Alan Gear from Thule showed us the Thule AllTrail 15 and 25 liters backpacks at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen.

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So last year we introduced a two models called the Ultra 45 liter which is an men’s example and also we introduced an Ultra 45 and both we’ve done for men’s and ladies.

Thule AllTrail 15 and 25

For spring/summer 19 we’re introducing two new models to complete the collection.

We have a 15 liter and we also have a 25 liter. It’s 15 liter will be unisex but the 25 will be gender specific so men’s and ladies.

Just a real recap on the 35 and a 45 vote.

What made these packs very special this is an example as a set of the men’s 35 here.

We have the plate 10 centimeters of back adjustment there.

We had our VersaClick story so we customization of the hip belt accessory where we can put on sort of areas where to carry cameras.

You have already actually increased the number of accessesories.

That’s correct. Yeah, absolutely so that was a good feature on that particular product.

The good thing about the AllTrail so was all about getting in and out of the pack.

They were very good.

As an example the 35 opened up very wide.

Again very unique with that system because sometimes it’s just a little it’s difficult to get in and out of.

In the UK we call it a clam shaft opening.

For example a clam opens up like a shell, a clam so you’re on the 45 you have that and on the 45 just a sort of refreshing we had a very big side opening.

It’s again very big wide flap on there. So the Ultra 35 or 45 has done very well worked very well first in the spring summer, the current summer collection and moment.

AllTrails are very versatile and season four seasons so spring summer to winter in the snow absolutely fine.

So for next year what we’re introducing is a very small versatile 15 litre model.

The opening a similar to the 35 liners.

Absolutely, yeah! Opening exactly the same as 35 liters.

Opens up very wide as we’ve coming down in size now we don’t really need the back adjustment there so got to be a universal fit there.

Well we still have some really nice features on there.

We still have comfort. We have a phone holder on there as well which is similar on our packs called sters and have a similar pocket there and with the hip belt as you can see you can tuck it away underneath so makes a little bit more of us so if I’m using it on a bike around the town.

So the look of it is very similar to as you can see with a 35.

They’re just more of an everyday smaller option.

On the 25 if I use this lady’s example here we have again a similar system.

The 45 liters opens up very quick and closes very quick very as well and an elite which is very similar to the 45 there but just with one clip instead a few more pockets on here, slight compression straps, big wide side access to it as well.

Not exactly like the 45 but still we enough for it for this particular size to pack and then when we look at the actual back system again non adjustable of that size you don’t really need it.

Again but a really good wraparound on the actual hip belt there.

And at the same time over here you’ve got the really nice big pockets.

Yeah, absolutely! Further storage on the pocket there and as you can see of this size in its hydration compatible as well.

So there will be a reservoir sleeve in there.

I can put in a special pack and I’m going to feed the pipe down whatever side I want.

As it states on there women’s fit you want to make it very easy for a consumer to understand - yes that’s a men’s fit or a women’s fit and so forth.

So yeah, really good collection so far with a 35, 45 but now we introduce the 15 liter and a 25 liter for next year.

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