A few months ago we received the Thule Atmos X5 iPhone 6 case from Thule which we have tested on our trips this year. Since we are approaching 2017 it’s time to write a short review about our experience with the Thule Atmos X5.

Hiking and Packrafting in Norway

Field Testing

We have tested the Thule X5 on our packrafting trips in Scotland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Japan, Russia and France this year. The trip reports will be available soon on our blog.

In general we were quite happy with the Thule Atmos X5. The Thule X5 case is waterproof. However, we have not tested yet if the case would be waterproof as well if we would submerge it for a longer time in 1-2 meters but for our regular packrafting use we could not find any faults at all. We also did not perform any specific drop test but once Patrick’s phone dropped from 1 meter and it did not have any impact on the phone.

Thule X5 iPhone 6 test


  • The Thule X5 is durable.
  • You can access the headset and charging ports without removing the whole case.
  • The case is lightweight.
  • The wrist strap makes sure that you don’t accidentally drop or lose your phone.
  • Has a good grip in your hands.


  • The microphone does not work if the case is closed.
  • It’s not that easy to remove the phone from the case.


The case has IP68 rating and the StratoShield screen protector delivers 5 times the impact protection. It also helps against impact, scratches, glare and fingerprints. The case also works with the Touch ID™ sensor or the iPhone. The case weights 100 grams and is made of Polycarbonate.


We were quite happy with the Thule Atmos X5 and would take it any day with us to our future trips. If Thule could find a way to fix the negative issues mentioned above then it would be the perfect waterproof case for the iPhone 6.

However, even with the view issues we had with the case it is still a great case which we could recommend for your next outdoor adventure.

Thule just recently released the Atmos X3 for the iPhone 7 and the Atmos X4 for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

While the Atmos X3 (read our review) and Atmos X4 (read our review) are not waterproof cases as the Atmos X5 we can also recommend them to protect your iPhone from activities where no water is involved.

You can get the Thule X5 on Amazon. We make a small commission for purchases made through the previous link which helps us to keep this blog running.

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