Florian Schmid from Vaude showed us their Proof 28 backpack at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen.

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Hi Florian, could you say something about the new products that you got?

Yeah, for example we have the Vaude Proof 28 which is a complete waterproof pack.

It’s a roll top. It’s a roll top closure. You can close it to the side, straight down or you can close it to the top.

So there’s 20 litres volume and it’s completely waterproof.

How heavy is it. I don’t have it in mind it’s around 1.3 kilo.

28 litres volume. But what we’ve done is we have integrated the whole back panel so it’s a very good wearing comfort, very good shoulder belts and the carrying comfort is quite good.

We have a lot of features for example there’s a pocket at the front which you can detach so you can save some weight and the pack is completely clean.

All right and could you also keep something in between the pockets.

You could, but you have to be careful because it’s open at the button.

Here you have a lot of space for your wallet and sunglasses.

In general is this backpack for day hikes or what what did you design it for.

It’s for hiking or biking or for commuting also for urban use.

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