Having a GoPro camera is great. With all the multitude of various mounts and cases, you have seemingly endless possibilities to mix and match these ingredients to achieve a perfect combination that suits your current filming conditions best.

Thule Perspektiv action camera bag

But having all those choices comes with some downsides as well, one of them being a constant challenge to keep all those parts together and not endlessly search for them in the deepest recesses of your pack. In the past I have tried to solve this problem by designating a separate ‘electronics’ pouch which helped me to keep everything on one place. But as it was soft, I often ended up with the empty battery and hours of the footage of the pouch’s insides.

Thule Perspektiv action camera bag

To solve this problem, I started to take out the battery and keep it separately. But this has caused a problem of its own - whenever I wanted to use my GoPro, I had to spend a few minutes tinkering with the case and trying to figure out which side the battery should go in. And on a number of occasions this has resulted in missed opportunities. So, is there a working solution then?

Enter Thule Perspektiv Action Camera Case!

The designers of this bag have definitely taken the needs of the user into consideration. Because this case is divided into two separate parts: the top soft compartment with the rolldown closure and the bottom hard case with padded inside.

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