In this blog post I would like to present you my selection of the best light hiking shoes for 2017.

I was wearing light hiking shoes on my hiking trip in the Sarek National Park in Sweden. Compared to traditional hiking boots they are much lighter and packable.

The best ultralight hiking shoes 2017

The best hiking shoes of 2017

Adidas Terrex Fast R GTX

Adidas Terrex Fast R GTX

Weight: 411 grams

The Adidas Terrex Fast R GTX are light athletic shoes which are - due to their protective weldings and a grippy Continental™ Rubber outsole - also suitable to wear on the mountain.

Adidas Terrex Solo

Adidas Terrex Solo

Weight: 349 grams

The Adidas Terrex Solo are flexible shoes with a breathable mesh upper. The Terrex Solo also has a Stealth rubber toe cap to protect your toes and the TRAXION™ outsole should provide a god grip.

Arc’teryx Acrux2 FL GTX Approach

Arcteryx Acrux2 FL GTX Approach

Weight: 492 grams

The most innovative part in the Arc’teryx Acrux2 FL GTX are probably the removable and interchangeable footwear liners for different weather and terrain conditions (for example use a more insulated layer if you are planning to go hiking in a colder environment).

The Arc’teryx Acrux2 FL GTX comes with a GORE-TEX liner makes the shoe waterproof. The Vibram sole gives the Acrux2 also a safe grip in the field. The Arc’teryx Acrux2 is also made of fast drying materials.

Inov-8 Roclite 282 GTX

Inov-8 Roclite 282 GTX

Weight: 282 grams

The ROCLITE 282 GTX promises a combination of natural movement and flexibility with breathability offered by Gore flex with its 1.4 billion pores per square centimeter which makes the Roclite 282 watertight. The outsole of the Roclite 282 GTX offers good grip on wet rocks.

Scarpa Zen Pro

Scarpa Zen Pro

Weight: 480 grams

The Scarpa Zen Pro comes with a Vibram sole and PU-injected leather along the side to improve abrasion resistance. The Scarpa Zen Pro is a quite popular shoe and many like it’s grip and feel on the foot.

Advantages of ultralight hiking shoes

  • They are very lightweight compared to traditional hiking or backpacking boots.
  • They don’t need that much space to store them.
  • They dry faster.
  • Sometimes they costs are lower.

Disadvantages of ultralight hiking shoes

  • There is a chance that you will get wet feet since those shoes don’t go over your ankles especially if you don’t buy a GTX (waterproof) shoe. One solution to keep your feet dry would be to wear latex socks over your regular merino socks.
  • Ultralight Hiking Shoes won’t give you much support when carry a heavier backpack.
  • Durability can be an issue if your shoe is made of very thin and lightweight materials.


Choosing the right ultralight hiking shoes is not just a matter of specs and features but also about the design.

The Inov-8 Roclite 282 GTX are probably the best shoes which you can get if you look for the lightest weight and a good sole.

At least I was happy with my Inov-8 shoes when I was hiking 1 week in Sweden beside having constantly we feet.

However, in some cases you can also dry them in the evenings on a camp fire (if it’s allowed in the area where you are planning to go hiking).

The most important factors for me are weight, grip of the sole and if they can dry fast.

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