Recently, I was looking for a new screen protector for my Sony A7III (could be also used on the new Sony A9) camera and here is a list of the best screen protectors I found online.

I think that it’s a quite good idea to have a protective film on your screen since it’s just nicer to watch your pictures on a screen which does not have any scratches but also helps a bit to keep the value of your camera.

Some protectors do also have an anti-fingerprint coating.

If you are searching for a screen protector for the Sony a6500 then you can also buy the ones for the Sony a6300 since they share the same screen size (3”).

Best Screen Protectors for Sony a7, a7S, a7R, a6000, a6300 and a6500

Comparison table

Screen protectorSupported cameras
Expert Shield - THE Crystal Clear Screen ProtectorSony A7III, A7RII, A7SII, A9
Sony PCKLM16 Digital Camera Screen Protector FoilsSony A7III, A7RII, A7SII, A9
Afunta Protective Screen GuardSony A7III, A7RII, A7SII, A9
Expert Shield - THE Screen ProtectorSony a6000, a6300 and a6500
Sony PCKLM17 Screen Protect Semi-Hard SheetSony a6000, a6300 and a6500
Afunta Screen Protector for SonySony a6000, a6300 and a6500
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