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Here is a selection of outdoor blogs and bloggers we have been in contact with. We are always interested to meet and share ideas with other outdoor bloggers and to meet up for an outdoor adventure like hiking or packrafting. If you are interested to appear on the list below just send us the URL to your blog and we might add you to our list.



Everyone talks about the need to unplug from their stressful lives and connect with nature and themselves by spending time in nature. However, when faced with the possibility of getting ‘out there’, many people come up with excuses that stop them from doing that. Lotsafreshair is a blog and YouTube channel all about encouraging people to get out and blow away those excuses. From what to pack, what food to take or how to adjust a backpack, Lotsafreshair aims to connect people with nature and help them fall in love with their outside selves. It provides a mix of not only practical quick tips and how-to’s, but inspirational journeys and adventures in Australia and overseas.

Sydney Coast Walks

Sydney Coast Walks blogs about Sydney’s national parks and natural areas.







I’m a chronic pain patient (3 times surgery on my back in the past 3 years) who rehabilitates in nature by walking/ hiking.
On my blog you’ll find hikes on log distance trails and shorter walks in the most beautiful regions of Belgium.


A young couple who like to share our outdoor experiences.

Bosnia Herzegovina


My name is Sabina Sirćo and I’m young blogger from Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I’m a passionate hiker and I enjoy traveling and writing about my adventures. For me hiking through dense forests, across mountains and untamed territory is like meditating. I love the feeling of freedom and adventure that comes from hiking and traveling.



The adventures of Nora Dunn, who has been travelling the world full-time since selling everything she owned in 2006. She has travelled through/lived in 50+ countries and writes about her adventures, in addition to publishing her annual expenses and income reports, and teaching people how to travel full-time in a financially sustainable way.



My name is Jacob Kastrup Haagensen and I am a 34 year old Dane living in Copenhagen and working in the city administration. In the 2013 I brought a packraft and a year after I started documenting my trips by videos on the site urbanpackrafter.com. The idea was also to take micro adventures inside Copenhagen and other cities I visit. I want to inspire other packrafters also to use their packraft in the city. To see a city from the waterside gives you an hole new perspective on where you live. Educated in urban planning I have a love for cities and the opportunities they give. I also love the wild. Since my Boy Scout time I always being out in nature. I have a lot of love for the Scandinavian nature with its solitude and many of my wilderness trips goes to Sweden and Norway. A packraft gives other opportunities where lakes and rivers being trails instead of obstacles.




Das Team von airFreshing.com besteht aus Bergfüchsen, Frischluftfans und ambitionierten Freizeitsportler. Und alle verfügen über das, was das erfrischend andere Outdoor-Onlinemagazin so erfolgreich macht: Leidenschaft. Seit 2009 behalten wir über das komplette Jahr hinweg immer alles im Blick, was unsere Leser wirklich interessiert – vom Testbericht über Eventhinweise bis hin zu den neuesten Trends im Outdoor- und Bergsportbereich.



Good day, I’m Oli – also known as the Franken Landler. Franken Landler is the new blog from the Nurnberger country with hiking descriptions from Franconia and the Alps. Exxpect to read easy family hikes combined with tips and news around hiking and nature.


Are you intersted in trekking? Do you plan your own tour? Are you looking for the right equipment? Or just want to read what other experience on their trip? No matter. PACKANDTREK.DE provides you information about tours and equipment, tools and know-how. In our blog you read how about the planning of our tours and what we experience.


Finland & Photography. Tarjas blog covers everything about Finland and the Finns. Nature, events, culture, midnight sun or polar lights.






Tours and Arctic Adventure in Alta Norway.



Hey! I’m Cesar and this is my blog. I have been extremely interested in nature and the outdoors since I was a small child, and started going camping/backpacking on my own when I was around 16 years old. I was born in 1980 in Los Angeles, CA, to a Mexican father and Nicaraguan mother, and since have lived and traveled all over the world. I have been living in Sweden since 2006 with my best friend and wife and our children, two healthy, happy, amazing boys that are the light of my life. Here are the goals of my blog in a nutshell:

1. To create a website I wish I would have had access to when I started my journey as an outdoors enthusiast/backpacker/camper, long ago in the dark days before blogs existed.

2. Document my continued development, experiences, trail guides, and what I have learned for myself and to share with others.

3. Have an outlet to vent my nerdy backpacking obsessions and experiments, which are mostly centered around backpacking theory and gear.

I hope my blog is helpful and/or enjoyable to read. Take care and happy trails to you.

United Kingdom


My blog, Facebook and Youtube is about adventure, the great outdoors and photography/film.
There is a lot of pictures, small stories and gear. Im on the Woodland Ways two year bushcraft instructors course, an aspiring Mountain Leader and member of BMC and MCofS. REC2 certified and a very keen trekker. Im especially interested in the Scottish Highlands and will spend a lot of time over the next year, exploring these wonderful hills and making pictures and video while doing so.


Hi, my name is Tom Boughton. This blog follows my journey. In 2013 I was depressed and quit my office job in London, bought a bicycle and a tent and set off east with only a vague idea of where and why. Two years and 25,000 kilometers later I’ve cycled over the Alps, through minefields in the Balkans and across the empty quarter in Oman. Pushed the bike through snow drifts in Wales and up 20% inclines in Armenia. Visited Alexander the Great’s birth place and the remains of Persepolis that he burnt down in Iran. Dodged army patrols in Musandam and fought off aggressive macaques in Malaysia. I reached the southern tip of New Zealand and didn’t want to stop so I haven’t yet. All the while I have been wild camping under the stars and living cheap. Come along for the ride.


Backpacker and wild camper with a love of mountains, forests and wild places.


An outdoor blog including cycling, survival, outdoor tech and survival. It shows real life ideas and adventures and tests gears. Cornwall based but with a global footprint!


The Bimbler Photo Blog is all about low octane adventure in South West UK with an emphasis on stopping to soak up the environment and eating snacks!


One Pace Forward is blog for hiking, adventure, travels, history & more, both in the UK and beyond.

United States


Adventure in the Outdoors is home to stories of hiking, camping, climbing and other outdoor adventures. There are trail news and information stories. For example, information on trail maintenance and building, lean-to reconstruction and more and events occurring throughout the region. We also have reviews of outdoor destinations, gear and advice. It’s all here at Adventures in the Outdoors.



Outdoor writer and photographer with a passion for wilderness and mountains.



My mission: To share the experiences I have during outdoor adventures in the American Southwest (focusing on AZ, UT, and CA) with others. I hope to get people interested in getting outside and enjoying the incredible landscape surrounding us. There is so much out there to see. Life has a finite amount of time with infinite possibilities, don’t wait, get out there!


Heartofthewoods.com inspires and informs you how to adventure more often and more effectively. Natasha Mila, founder, believes it is possible to adventure outdoors and travel no matter what your lifestyle or budget!

Takeaways from this site:
1. You will adventure more often.
2. You will adventure more cost effectively.
3. You will improve your adventures by finding new food to eat, places to go, gear to use, etc.



The Huckleberry Hiker covers news, events and discussions about all things hiking in the Wyoming and Montana region, as well as our own adventures. We specifically focus on Glacier National Park and Grand Teton National Park.


Welcome to my blog. I am a native Nevadan, traveler and outdoor explorer. I have lived in Spain, San Diego and New York, but Reno is my home. We are surrounded by the beautiful Sierra Mountains, which I have explored many times over. I have traveled and explored different beautiful mountain ranges, such as the 14er’s in Colorado among many others, and plan to continue my exploration. My goal is to help you see the benefits of getting physical, and to encourage you to play. I hope my adventures will inspire you to get outside and feed your bliss, perhaps leading you to your next great idea!


I’m a transplanted Southern Californian living in the Midwest. It’s taken some time, and plenty of searching, to appreciate the nature we have here. In the Midwest we don’t have the jagged peaks or deep canyons others do, but we do have trails to run and hike, rivers to canoe and kayak, and forests to explore. In winter we make do with ski hills, ride fat tire bikes, winter camping and snowshoeing to revisit favorite spots. Finding Adventure in my Backyard: trail running, hiking, camping, skiing, and pretty much want to try everything outdoors, at least once.



New England is a four season outdoor playground with limitless hiking, cycling, skiing, trail running and climbing. New England Outside exists to show you where to find the best adventures in this wonderful region. Check back often for trip reports, gear reviews and the outdoor insight that you need to enjoy everything that New England has to offer.


Adventures in Fly Fishing, Hiking, and Natural History


SoCalHiker helps you find your next adventure. I started SoCalHiker back in 2010 as I was preparing for my second thru-hike on the epic John Muir Trail. I had to do the research on getting permits, training, and gear, and figured I’d share what I learned.

The result? Trail guides designed to give you all the details, including trailhead directions, difficulty, downloadable GPX data, maps and extensive photos. Basically, the kind of trail guides I was looking for.

Since 2010, SoCalHiker has grown to include detailed guides for trails throughout Southern California, as well as guides to epic backpacking treks like The Lost Coast, the Trans-Catalina Trail and of course, the John Muir Trail.
Find YOUR next adventure at SoCalHiker.


Trail to Summit documents Allison’s adventures throughout New Hampshire’s White Mountains and beyond. You’ll also find tasty recipes, gear reviews mainly focusing on ultralight hiking and backpacking, tips, and unique features on small companies and great people in the outdoors. There’s a lot to discover out there. See you on the trail!


A blog which shares and encourages safe, respectful, and awesomely fun adventures with dogs…canoeing,camping, skijoring, hiking, and more!

Feel free to contact us if you want to have your blog listed on our outdoor blogger list.