Yo Yo Yo Johnny_Hiker here from www.doitreviewit.co.nz. Yeah! I’m from the land of the long white cloud. This is what the Maori called New Zealand.

What is Do it Review it about

Do It Review It is a fledgling blog about my travels throughout New Zealand and the action activities I get up to, reviews of the café’s I frequent and tasty meal ideas for those who hate cooking but love to eat. I’m a trained chef so armed with tasty meal ideas. As the name says, I do it, and then I review it. Simple.

What Kicked it Off

The blog was for my kids, who are growing up in Scotland, a diary of sorts, as our only contact is in the form of a Skype conversation once a month. I thought this a great way for them see what their dad was like.

Future Do’s and Review’s

I’d like Do it Review it to be a place where visitors could quickly read what NZ’s action adventure activities are really like before they do them. New Zealand is very expensive and some attractions are just not that good.

What’s Happening Now?

Since moving back to New Zealand I’ve been very active. Joined a hiking group through the Meetup website 3 years ago and walked hundreds of km’s through some of New Zealand’s fantastic native bush with people from many parts of the world. Walked 5 of the 9 great walks in New Zealand. Traveled to Nepal where I walked 100km through the Langtang Region. Entered in to endurance races. Changed my eating habits to a plant based vegetarian diet. Added regular exercise to my daily routine.
I have a passion for alpine tracks. Such a buzz running at altitude, walking along ridge lines, the views, the temperature and weather changes… Love it!

What Makes Me Go?

Lots of veges, tasty food, good coffee and the need to challenge and push my self, even though I’m 40yrs old, my brain tells me I’m 16yrs, yet my body says, ‘Whooooo!’ Stop. I’ll break. And… It has…A few times. Currently nursing a torn calf muscle.


I’m expert at making something out of very little and have it taste wicked. Check me out at www.doitreviewit.co.nz.

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