After having had my Fjällräven Abisko pants for over 2 years during my hiking, backpacking and packrafting trips I was in the market to look for new pants. I was looking for pants which are quick-drying, minimalistic and lightweight. The minimalistic feature is quite important for me as I might need to pull over my waterproof pants when I go packrafting. After having had several options in my mind I finally pulled the trigger on the Arc’teryx Palisade Pants and here comes a short review.

Arc'teryx Palisade Pants


The Arc’teryx Palisade pants weights 275 grams, is quick drying and due to its stretch nylon also very comfortable to wear when hiking in the mountains. The Arc’teryx Palisade pants also has an integrated adjustable waist belt which saves weight rather than using a normal belt. Another feature is the good breathability of the fabric.

Arc'teryx Palisade Pants Ultralight hiking and backpacking pants

I really like the webbing belt which comes with the pants. Super-lightweight compared to a normal belt.


I have tested the Arc’teryx Palisade Pants on our trip to Sarek in Sweden. These pants were really comfortable to wear during the whole trip and they dried quickly (which is quite important if the weather turns frequently bad in the mountains). I also like to wear the Arc’teryx Palisade Pants on my Packrafting trips (because of their ability to dry fast). For colder months I would however wear other hiking pants (for example the Fjällräven Abisko pants).

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