As I am currently looking for a flat in Turku, I am going to spend my first night in the youth hostel Borea - an old cruise ship located in the the river Aura. And here comes a short review. Hotel guests can get free tea and cookies as well as wifi in the lounge and I even got a whole cabin for myself.

There is also a restaurant onboard. Nearby the Hostel Borea you can also see a sailing ship - the Suomen Joutsen and a war ship. The ships are all located nearby the Forum Marinum, a National Specialist Museum for Finnish maritime and naval history.

Hostel Borea Turku Finland

Borea Hostel Turku Finland hotel travel sleeping best ship visiting

Hostel Borea Turku Finland hotel travel sleeping best ship visiting The entrance to Hostel Borea

reception entrance Hostel Borea Turku Finland On the way to the reception.

stairs Hostel Borea Turku Finland Climbing stairs to the next deck.

bar Hostel Borea Turku Finland There is also a bar on Hostel Borea.

Hostel Borea Turku Finland cabin room My cabin …

Hostel Borea Turku Finland cabin toilet The toilet in Hostel Borea Suomen Jautsen Turku Finland Wärtsilä crane sightseeing tourism industrial heritage Sailing Ship Suomen Jautsen

Suomen Jautsen Turku Finland War Ship Turku Finland forum marinum The Keihässalmi minelayer museum ship War Ship

Turku Finland The Keihässalmi minelayer forum marinum museum ship visit The Borea Hostel is worth a visit. There is also an exhibition about the history of the ship and you can visit Forum Marinum and Turku Castle which are located just a couple of meters nearby the Hostel Borea.

Hostel Borea

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