For those folks looking for a new stove for their next hiking, climbing, kayaking, packrafting or any other outdoor adventure should have a look at Nashvilleryan who has reviewed the Jetboil Flash personal cooking system and also provided an image of his Jetboil Flash below.

Jetboil Flash Review by Nashvilleryan

I have previously also reviewed the Jetboil Sol Ti and it’s always interesting to read what others think about a similar stove from the same manufacturer. The main difference between the Jetboil Sol Ti and the Jetboil Flash are:

  • weight: 245 grams vs. 400 grams
  • volume: 800 ml vs. 1000 ml
  • dimensions: 104 mm / 165 mm vs. 104 mm / 180 mm
  • Jetboil Flash has 1/3 lower price tag

Obviously, if you are on a budget and need to boil for more people then you should go for the Jetboil Flash. Ultralight freaks who need the latest and lightest equipment should opt for the Jetboil Sol Ti and of course have to pay a premium for it.

Anyway, I’m very satisfied with these Jetboil stoves . They heat up water very quickly and are well designed.

You can get the Jetboil Flash on Amazon. We make a small commission for purchases made through the previous link which helps us to keep this blog running.

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