Socks as a present for Christmas, pants (long johns) for St. Valentine’s Day. That’s the reality of being a wife of an outdoorsman ☺

Kari Traa Pants

However, this time the pants are very special: “Made for girls by girls”. That’s how the Norwegian brand Kari Traa is advertising their outdoor stuff. And indeed, the patterns on my base layer are rather sweet and female. And as it is 100% merino wool, they are also very soft against the skin.

Kari Traa Pants

“Love to stay hot” is what is also said on the box and it might be true if you use them as the underwear in the cold climates. But they are equally nice to use on their own as an outer layer in warm climates as I discovered when I wore the top part in Portugal two weeks ago. Yes, that was again one of those presents from my husband, this time for my birthday.

Hope you had a nice St. Valentine’s Day.

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