Kinttupolulla-blog was born from love of nature, travels and sunshine. In the autumn 2012 I needed something to cheer up the darkening evenings in Finland and started blogging. I would like to spend the dark winters abroad in the sunlight, although I love Finnish summer really much. Ever since blogging has become an important hobby for me.


The essence of my blog is nature and hiking. I love long walks in the nature and could spend the whole day wandering around. I also write about my travels in general, but even though when I travel in town, I will seek the best viewpoints to climb or the best parks to have a picnic. As much I love nature, I love the animals that live in it. I am a vegan and in my travels I observe how animals are treated around the world. At home I have two lovely and demanding cats, which sometimes appear on my blog.


Some of my travels:

Started my travels by exploring almost the whole Europe in six different summers by train (inter-rails 1999-2004)

Biking trips in Europe:
2500km in Norway and Sweden year 2005
2600km in Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia year 2006
2600km in Germany, Denmark, Netherlands year 2007
1500km in Estonia; Saaremaa and Hiiumaa islands year 2010
500km in Lithuania and Latvia year 2013

Hiking trips in Canary Islands and Madeira in several winters 2004-2013

Travel around Thailand and Malaysia about 2.5 month year in 2011-2012

At the moment I live in Andalusia Spain, which has great outdoors and stunning hiking paths at the mountains. In this place, I could live a bit longer…


All pictures are taken from Andalusia Spain! And by the way, I write my blog only in Finnish…

Tiina, Kinttupolulla

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