Layering your clothes when you go outdoors e.g. for hiking, backpacking, skiing or snowshoeing helps a lot to keep you comfortable warm. If you feel cold you add another layer and if you feel warm then you remove another layer. This layering principle can also be applied to your gloves. In my video below I am wearing the Hestra Merino Wool Liner Active Glove, Hestra Kebnekaise Wool Mitt and the Hestra Pullover Mitt. I prefer to wear real woolen gloves as they breath better. Wool also keeps you warm when it’s wet.

Hestra Merino Wool Liner Active Glove

The Hestra Merino Wool Liner Active Glove is made of 70 % merino wool and 30 % polyamide.

Hestra Pullover Mitt

The Hestra Pullover Mitt is made of 100% Polyester and protects your mid- and base layer gloves agains wet snow and rain.

I am planning to wear my glove system next January in Alta in Norway. The temperatures could go as low as -20 C there so I am quite excited if my gloves will keep me warm there. Konstantin also bought a tent with a titanium stove so we are probably also going to camp outside.

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