For our hiking trip in Sweden we are going to use 3 navigation tools in order to find our way through the Swedish mountains.

Calazo Maps Sarek Tyvek

Why are navigation tools important?

You may want to hike off trail or there are no trails at all in the National Park due to certain regulations. In order to know where you are and to find your way back you should get the navigation tools listed below for your next hiking trip.

  1. A waterproof Calazo map

Silva Carabiner 10 Compass

  1. A compass (Silva Carabiner 10) as a backup solution and also to check the temperature.

packrafting gear

  1. A GPS watch ( Suunto Ambit2) which we are going to use mainly to track our route and to determine our location.

In mountainous area navigation can be more straightforward than on a flat field since the mountains will be your navigation points and you may also be able to navigate through mountainous terrain without a GPS. However, a GPS is quite nice to have as you may be able to track your route and watch it later on your PC. The Suunto Ambit2 for example is a quite good GPS watch for navigation in the mountains.

Suunto Ambit2 Calazo maps</div></div>

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