Today, I packed my packraft and went to the coast of Turku in order to exercise a little bit for our trip in Sweden next week. I paddled around 5 km, however there are endless possibilities to paddle as there are plenty of islands in the Baltic Sea around Turku.

Packrafting in Turku

Packrafting in Turku Inflating the packraft and checking its condition.
Teva Northridge This is my current packrafting shoe solution - it’s modular, dry, waterproof and has a great grip.
Teva Sandals - Smartwool PHD Socks It consists of Smartwool PHD Socks, Latex Socks and Teva Northridge Sandals.
Werner Shuna Paddles

Werner Shuna Paddles still works great.
Harbor in Turku This is the place where I went in. It is located in Uittamo.
Turku Baltic Sea
Sky Turku I love those clouds. In a packraft you can just lean back and observe how the clouds are moving.
Turku Shore The flats in this area of Turku (Hirvensalo) are very expensive.
Packrafting Turku Suunto Ambit 2 and Aquapac Camera Pouch attached on a Petzl Attache 3D and my HMG Porter 4400 backpack.
Clouds Island Turku This island was full of seagulls and they became quite nervous the closer I paddled to the island.
Birds Island in Turku
Reed - Baltic Sea Reed is growing almost everywhere. Turku Sea This sign seems to be a popular place for birds…until I paddled closer.

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