Hiking & Packrafting Adventures

Hiking in Seitseminen

This time we went for an adventure to the Seitseminen National Park. Unfortunately, the public transportation to the park is quite bad so if you are planning to come by train you have to get off at Parkano and walk for approximately 20 km to the park. Also make sure to protect yourself against mosquitoes since there are plenty of them in the park during the warm months.

Hiking in Seitseminen Swamp

Hiking in Repovesi National Park

Repovesi National Park is Southern Finland’s most popular hiking destination and you can get there by public transport within 2 hours from Helsinki. The National Park offers plenty of lakes and hills. There are campsites and shelters and it is located nearby the city of Kouvola and accessible by public transportation.

This is the main entrance to Repovesi National Park. We actually left the park from here as we went to far with the bus and entered the National Park from another spot.

Nuuksio National Park

The Nuuksio National Park is located close to Helsinki (1 hour bus trip - 85A from Espoo Centre) and a popular place for people living in Helsinki to get away from the busy city life and enjoy the outdoors and go hiking, camping, packrafing or kayaking. You will find gorges formed by the last ice age, valleys, 43 lakes and hills which are up to 110 meters.

What to see at the Kvarken Archipelago?

Today, I went with the bicycle from Vaasa to Bjököby where I planned to visit the Kvarken Archipelago - an UNESCO World Heritage site. The distance to the Swedish mainland is just about 80 km and the depth of the water is max. about 25 meters. The area has been populated by human beings since 7000 years.

There is something special on this area: The land is rising at about 1 cm a year (as there was a Glacier 10.000 - 24.000 years ago).