Hiking & Packrafting Adventures

The silent hunt in Poland

Beginning in late August, Polish forests experience an influx of visitors specialising in the so-called 'silent hunt', which requires a lot of patience, keen eyesight and is not without its dangers. Armed with razor-sharp knives, and in some cases just bare-handed, these hunters comb the forests searching for their illusive pray. The prey, though seemingly benign, can sometimes turn deadly, which is why, besides the steel and muscle, the hunters have to possesses good knowledge, ever- present sense of danger and a keen eye for detail. The silent hunt we are talking about is, of course, the mushroom picking.

mushroom picking and hiking in Poland

Hiking in County Kerry

Three years ago (2010), I went working to Ireland for 1 year where I also had the opportunity to go for a hike nearby Killarney with two of my fellow worker. The landscape was gorgeous and not comparable to Dublin where I actually lived. After visiting the local tourist office we started hiking equipped with maps and some snacks in our backpacks.

Sarek Packrafting Video

Finally, we had some time to get our Sarek video done as promised in our previous sarek post. Hope you enjoy!

Hiking and Packrafting in Sarek

This year we went on a 6 days packrafting and hiking trip in Sarek. We travelled from Vaasa by wasaline ferry to Umea and then by a hiker train (it seemed that the only people who travelled north were planning to go on a hike in the fells) to Gällivare. Transportation to Sarek from Umea is not that frequent so there is a possibility that you have to stay one night in Umea.